Local Incidents

WILMCOTE 21st January 2022
Vehicle Crime X 3. Station Road, Wilmcote. Three works vans near to train lines damaged and one entered. Various items stolen. Early hours of Friday 21st January.

WILMCOTE 11th January 2022
Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Both number plates stolen from car. Reported 11th January.

Vehicle Crime. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Three males disturbed trying to break into vehicle. They made off in a vehicle. 1.25am Tuesday 11th January.

WILMCOTE 13th & 14th November 2021
Vehicle Crime. Church Road, Wilmcote. Catalytic converter stolen from a Toyota Auris. Overnight  13th & 14th November

Vehicle Crime. Church Road, Wilmcote. Catalytic converter stolen from a Toyota Rav 4. Overnight 13th & 14th November

WILMCOTE 9th November 2021
Burglary Business. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Shed in the grounds of business broken into but nothing stolen. Reported 9th November.

WILMCOTE 1st/4th November 2021
Vehicle Crime. Marsh Road, Wilmcote. Both number plates stolen off vehicle. Between 1st & 4th November

WILMCOTE 13th & 14th  October 2021
Vehicle Crime. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Both number plates stolen from vehicle. Overnight 16th & 17th October.

WILMCOTE 13th & 14th  October 2021
Vehicle Crime. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Three males seen breaking into works van. Various tools stolen. The offenders left the area in a silver coloured vehicle. 12 midnight 13th/14th October.

WILMCOTE 5th & 6th  October 2021
Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Both number plates stolen from car. Overnight 5th & 6th October

WILMCOTE 29th July 2021
Anti-Social Behaviour. New park under construction at the back of Arden Close, Wilmcote. Report of two youngsters that have jumped over the fence and were trying to vandalise the new equipment. Police attended and an area search made, No offences disclosed at the time. 7.40pm Thursday 29th July.

PATHLOW 2nd June 2021
Burglary. Pathlow Park, Pathlow. Premises at building site entered and several domestic items stolen. Reported on the morning of 2nd June.

WILMCOTE 9th April 2021
Anti-Social Behaviour. Station Road, Wilmcote. Two youths seen using a catapult on the canal towpath. They were throwing out food for the birds then firing at them. They walked off in the direction of Stratford. 12.40pm Friday 9th April.

PATHLOW 5th April 2021
Anti-Social Behaviour. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Two reports of a quad bike riding about on private land causing a nuisance. Caller concerned of the damage being caused. No trace of bike on police arrival. 2.15pm Monday 5th April.

WILMCOTE 4th April 2021
Anti-Social Behaviour. Wharf Lane, Wilmcote. Three males seen firing catapults at Swans and other birds. Last seen walking off towards the village. 12.35pm Sunday 4th April.

WILMCOTE 30th March 2021
Theft. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Pedal cycle stolen from road sign post. The sign on the top of the post was removed by the offender(s) in order to steal the secure bike. Black, red and grey Allez mens road racing bike. Between 11.45am and 4.30pm Tuesday 30th March.

WILMCOTE 16th March 2021
Burglary Business. Wilmcote. Cabin and shed broken into. Offender(s) have also tried to gain access to separate container. Reported 16th March.

PATHLOW  15th/16th March 2021
Burglary. Featherbed Lane, Pathlow. Garage broken into and high value push bike stolen. Orange and dark blue Merida McLaren, Team edition. Between 11pm 15th & 6.15am 16th March.

PATHLOW  3rd February 2021
Burglary Business. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Barn entered and several items taken including an old battery and motor for a tractor. The items have been dragged away from the barn and across fields towards the canal tow path. Reported 3rd February

WILMCOTE  10th/11th January 2021
Vehicle Crime. Stone Pits Meadow, Wilmcote. Both number plates on vehicle unscrewed and stolen. Between 10th & 11th January.

WILMCOTE  10th January 2021
Robbery. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. While in the process of delivering parcels, the driver of a van was forcibly taken out of the vehicle by offenders and the van was stolen. A dark coloured Audi A4 was seen behind the van at the time. The stolen van was later found near to Solihull. 4,15pm Sunday 10th January.

WILMCOTE  20th December 2020
Vehicle Crime. Billesley Road, Wilmcote. Audi A3 stolen with keys. Morning of Thursday 17th December.

WILMCOTE  28th October 2020
Theft. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Wooden plant pot holders stolen from the front garden of premises. Between 10am and 1.15pm Wednesday 28th October

BILLESLEY  27th &28th October 2020
Vehicle Crime. White Houses, Billesley. Paving slab thrown through rear window of car. Seats inside also damaged. Nothing believed stolen at the time of the report. Between 27th & 28th October

WILMCOTE  23rd October 2020
Vehicle Crime. Church Road, Wilmcote. Secure works van broken into and 12 festal boxes stolen. Reported evening of Friday 23rd October

WILMCOTE 15th & 16th October 2020
Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Front and rear number plates stolen from vehicle. Overnight 15th & 16th October

WILMCOTE 13th & 14th October 2020
Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Front and rear number plates stolen from vehicle. Between 13th & 14th October.

WILMCOTE 26th & 27th July 2020
Attempt Burglary. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Lock on rear door of premises damaged, possibly with the intention of gaining entry. Between 26th & 27th July

WILMCOTE  8th & 13th May 2020
Theft. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Two new calves stolen from farm premises. The first was possibly taken around Friday 8th May. The second was taken on Wednesday 13th May during the day, after it was born overnight

WILMCOTE  13/14th April 2020
Vehicle Crime. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Front and rear number plates stolen from car. Overnight 13th & 14th April

WILMCOTE  30/31st March 2020
Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Front and rear number plates stolen from car. Between 30th & 31st March.

WILMCOTE  21st March 2020
Burglary. Aston Hill, Wilmcote. Garage entered. Between 1st November 2019 and 21st March 2020.

WILMCOTE  2nd/3rd March 2020
Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Front and rear number plates stolen from vehicle. Overnight 2nd & 3rd March.

WILMCOTE 19th February 2020
Theft. Business premises, The Green, Wilmcote. Man arrived at the premises to say they he was there to pick up the old cooking oil used at the premises. He removed the oil and drove off. It was later confirmed that he was not from the authorised company that usually collected the oil. Man described as a Black Male, 25 – 30 years, short black hair, 5’ 6”, slim build, wearing a hi-vis waistcoat and dark trousers. He was driving a plain white van. 3.10pm Wednesday 19th February

WILMCOTE  18th/19th February 2020
Vehicle Crime. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Front and rear number plates stolen off car. Between 18th & 19th February

WILMCOTE 18th October 2019
Vehicle Crime. Billesley Road, Wilmcote. Secure works vehicle broken into and various items stolen including an aluminium toolbox filled with Farriers tools, hammers and tongs. Approx.3pm Friday 18th October,   A Silver 4×4 was seen to drive away from the area at the time. Possibly a Hyundai.

WILMCOTE 18th October 2019
Suspicious Circumstances. Featherbed Lane, Wilmcote. Silver Hyundai (possibly a Santa 3 shape) acting suspiciously in the area. The last three letters of the registration number were‘WEV’. Two white males on board. The passenger had auburn hair and was a stocky build. Vehicle seen again by The Stag shortly afterwards heading towards Wixford.  3pm Friday 18th October.  This is very likely to be the same vehicle involved in the vehicle crime listed above.

WILMCOTE 8th October 2019
Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Works van entered and items stolen including a DeWalt drill, nail gun and disc cutter. Daytime Tuesday 8th October

WILMCOTE 30th September/1st October 2019
Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Front end of Ford Fiesta stolen. Offenders have taken the body work and parts from the front end, including the bonnet, bumper and radiator grill. Overnight 30th September and 1st October

WILMCOTE 12th/13th September 2019
Vehicle Crime. The Green, Wilmcote. Works van broken into. Offender(s) have cut a hole in the door skin. Nothing stolen. Overnight 12th & 13th September

WILMCOTE 3rd September 2019
Vehicle Crime. Gospel Oak Lane, Pathlow. White Land Rover Defender and Ifor Williams trailer stolen. Between 2nd & 3rd September

WILMCOTE 13th/14th August 2019
Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Secure Land Rover Discovery stolen. Overnight 13th & 14th August.

WILMCOTE 5th August 2019
Burglary Business. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have smashed their way into shop premises. Stealing items. Offenders there for only a few minutes before the call. 1.40am Monday 5th August.

WILMCOTE 5th July 2019
Damage. Wharf Lane, Wilmcote. Small hole in outer pane of double-glazed window unit by unknown object. Possibly a small stone or pellet. Hole discovered on the morning of Friday 5th July.

PATHLOW 13th June 2019
Theft. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Person working at the side of the road gas put down a chainsaw combo between jobs. A white transit van has then pulled up and an occupant from the van has got out and stolen the chainsaw. The last three letters of the van are similar to ‘AVK’. 4.20pm Thursday 13th June

WILMCOTE 4th May 2019
Vehicle Crime. Billesley Road, Wilmcote. Navy Blue Mitsubishi Jeep stolen from private land. Offenders arrived on site in a black coloured vehicle. 7pm Saturday 4th May.

WILMCOTE 26th April 2019
Vehicle Crime. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Secure Mercedes Sprinter works van broken into and various tools stolen. Between 12.20pm and 1.30pm Friday 26th April.

WILMCOTE 9th/10th April 2019
Vehicle Crime. The Green, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have made holes in the doors on a works van, forcing the opening mechanism. Various tools have then been stolen from inside. Overnight 9th & 10th April.

Vehicle Crime. The Green, Wilmcote. Side window of works van smashed. Entry not gained. Nothing stolen. Overnight 9th & 10th April.

WILMCOTE  29th December 2018
Suspicious Circumstances.  Area near to the Severn Trent Pumping Station.  Report of several cars parked by the compound.  Caller concerned that the occupants were up to no good. 6.10pm Saturday 29th December

PATHLOW 28th December 2018
Anti-Social Behaviour.  Birmingham Road, Pathlow.  Quad bike being ridden across private land, causing a nuisance and damage.  11am Friday 28th December.

WILMCOTE  17th November 2018
Damage. Church Road, Wilmcote. Outer pane of glass in window damaged by small metal ball bearing. Possibly fired from a catapult or something similar. Occurred approx. three weeks ago. Found and reported 17th November.

WILMCOTE  15th November 2018
Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Window of car smashed. Nothing stolen. Reported afternoon of Thursday 15th November.

WILMCOTE  14/15th November 2018
Vehicle Crime. Chapel Houses, Wilmcote. Window in works van smashed. Nothing stolen. Between 14th & 15th November.

WILMCOTE  2nd November 2018
Suspicious Circumstances.  Aston Cantlow Road Wilmcote.  Three men seen to jump over the wall into the Shakespeare Trust property and take photos of the Birds of Prey.  Caller concerned that they did not pay entry and may be up to no good.  The three men were described as wearing hi vis jackets and were aged in their 20/30’s.  12 midday Friday 2nd November.

WILMCOTE  29th October 2018
Burglary Residential.  Marsh Road Wilmcote.  House broken into and car keys stolen.  A BMW X1 and an Audi A7 was then also subsequently stolen from the premises. Monday 29th October.  It is believed the vehicles travelled North on the A3400 into Birmingham.

WILMCOTE  13th September 2018
Damage.  Hut, near to the Canal, Wilmcote.  Two panes of glass in hut smashed by metal ball bearing.  Overnight 12th & 13th September 2018.

WILMCOTE  2nd September 2018
Suspicious Circumstances/Fly Tipping.  Farm premises, off Featherbed Lane, Wilmcote.  Access also from Bishopton.  Rubbish in black bags including flesh and bone being dumped in the lane.  Found morning of Sunday 2nd September 2018.

WILMCOTE  30th August 2018
Anti-Social Behaviour.  Severn Trent Works, near o Aston Hill. Wilmcote.  Report that people at the location and causing a nuisance.  Playing loud music from their vehicles and inhaling “laughing gas” from balloons.  On-going problem.  Reported evening of 30th August 2018.

WILMCOTE  28th/29th August 2018
Burglary Business. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote.  Business premises broken into and car key stolen.  Subsequently a White Ford Ranger 4X4 was then stolen from the premises.  The vehicle has the Shakespeare’s Birthplace logo on the side. Overnight 28th & 29th August.

WILMCOTE  22nd August 2018
Vehicle Damage. The Green, Wilmcote.  Stone thrown at window of pub causing the glass to smash.  10.20pm Wednesday 22nd August 2018. Around the same time as this incident a Silver Nissan was seen to be driving up and down the road, “wheel spinning and racing”.

WILMCOTE  18th August 2018
Suspicious circumstances. Canal, Wilmcote. Report of a woman walking up and down the towpath asking for donations for the Heart Foundation. Caller concerned because the woman could not produce any evidence that she was officially from the Charity or was involved in raising money. Described as a white female, 40/50’s, short blonde hair, slim build, wearing camouflaged jacket and trousers. 10am Saturday 18th August.

WILMCOTE  16th July 2018
Vehicle crime.  Theft from Station Road, Wilmcote.  Various tools stolen from works van that was being used by nearby tradesman. Offenders were in a Black Ford Focus St with a registration number ending in something similar to ‘NGM’. The main offender was a white male, wearing a black bobble hat and a set of glasses that looked like ‘welding glasses’. The passenger in the Focus was also a white male. 2.05pm Monday 16th July.

WILMCOTE  4th July 2018
Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Secure Suzuki Scooter stolen from front garden of house. Later found further down the road with damage to the steering and front wheel. Early hours of Wednesday 4th July.

WILMCOTE  21st June 2018
Suspicious Circumstances. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Males going door to door offering to sharpen tools and knives. Both from a small white van with a registration number ending in ‘CLZ’. Full details passed to police. This van and the occupants have been reported a few times across the Alcester area for going door to door. Although no offences have been disclosed yet, please be careful when dealing with doorstep trades people. 10.40am Thursday 21st June.  21/06/2018

WILMCOTE  13th June 2018
Suspicious Circumstances. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Recurring problem with vehicles arriving on the estate at about 3am in the morning and the occupants walking over to the village hall. No offences disclosed at this time. Reported 13th June. 13/06/2018

WILMCOTE  9th May 2018
Suspicious Circumstances. Station Road, Wilmcote. Four people seen on private driveway looking at vehicle. No offences disclosed at this time. 1.15am Wednesday 9th May. 09/05/2018

WILMCOTE  5th May 2018
Attempt Burglary Residential. Station Road, Wilmcote. Two males found trying to force open rear door to house with a screwdriver. When challenged they were abusive but eventually ran off across the garden and out towards the Canal. Described as two white males, wearing grey hoodies with scarves across their faces. 8.50pm Saturday 5th May.

PATHLOW  18/19th April 2018
Damage. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. A vehicle or quad bike had been ridden across field of Barley causing damage to the crop. Overnight 18th & 19th April.

WILMCOTE  18th April 2018
Damage. Play area, Arden Close, Wilmcote. Three teenage males seen hitting the play equipment with a piece of wood. 8.15pm Wednesday 18th April.

WILMCOTE  8th March 2018
Burglary Residential. Arden Close, Wilmcote. Resident of house heard a noise downstairs and while checking disturbed someone trying to force open a rear door. It is thought the ‘offender(s)’ would have jumped over the garden fence to gain access to the property. 3.30am Thursday 8th March.

WILMCOTE  21st February 2018
Suspicious Circumstances. The Green, Wilmcote. A white Mercedes car was seen to drive fast to the location. Two males got out and looked around then drove off again at speed. Caller thought that this was suspicious. The last three letters of the registration number was ‘VKV’. Full number passed to police. No offences disclosed. 11.10pm Wednesday 21st February.

WILMCOTE  28/29th January 2018
Burglary Business. Manor Drive, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have pulled fencing down in order to gain access to Stable compound. The stables have then been searched. Nothing believed to be stolen at the time of the report. Overnight 28th & 29th January.

PATHLOW 23rd January 2018
Burglary and Theft of Vehicle. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. It is believed that the offenders arrived at the location in a White Transit Van around 12.45pm. A house near to the Garage was then entered and a set of keys for an Audi S4 was stolen The Audi was then also stolen from the garage a couple of hours later. Last seen travelling up Gospel Oak Lane. 3.30pm Tuesday 23rd January.

WILMCOTE  7th January 2018
Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Swanfold, Wilmcote. Ford Transit van broken into and items stolen including a laptop, clothes, bag and glasses. Between 12 midday and 10.30pm Sunday 7th January 2018

WILMCOTE  5th January 2018
Burglary Residential. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Following an Alarm activation, police attended the premises and found that it had been broken into. Offender(s) had entered through a ground floor window. Area search made by police dog and other units but offenders not located at the time. Enquiries ongoing. 730pm Friday 5th January 2018.

WILMCOTE 12th December 2017
Fraud. Wilmcote. After receiving a call purporting to be from BT, the victim allowed the caller to access their computer remotely. During this process bank details were obtained and £11,000 was taken from their Nationwide Bank Account. 11am Tuesday 12th December.

PATHLOW 17th September 2017
Poaching. Featherbed Lane, Pathlow. Three males with five lurchers seen on private lane. Males were in a Blue Honda CR-V with a registration number ending in ‘NAM’. Full details passed to police. 8.50am Wednesday 20th September.

WILMCOTE 17th September 2017
Drugs. Station Road, Wilmcote. Car stopped by police patrol and drugs search carried out. Small amount of cannabis (skunk) found on Twenty Two year old male occupant. Man given a Street Caution. 2.50am Sunday 17th September.

WILMCOTE 9th/10th September 2017
Burglary Residential. (Car Key Burglary). Marsh Road, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have gained entry to house through the garage. Once inside they have stolen a handbag and the keys for three vehicles. Subsequently two vehicles from the property were then taken – a VW Golf R and a Mercedes SLC300. Tracking information suggests both vehicles went immediately north into Birmingham. The Golf was later found by West Midlands Police in Edgbaston. Between 8.30pm 9th & 1.30am 10th September.

WILMCOTE 9th September 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Wilmcote village near to the Social Club. Police patrol spotted person in dark clothing and rucksack near to the club. The person immediately ran off on foot. Area search made but no trace. Premises checked and were in order. No offences disclosed. 4.15am Saturday 9th September

WILMCOTE 29th/30th August 2017
Garage burglary. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Please be aware that during the night of 29 into 30 August, offenders removed the hinges from a garage door at a home in Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote and entered the premises.  Nothing appears to have been stolen. The offenders also broke into the garden shed at the property but again, nothing was stolen.

WILMCOTE 23rd August 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Male seen on BMX pedal cycle waiting in the road. Male dressed in black and had a large black rucksack. The bike did not have any lights. The male then rode off towards Wilmcote Lane, while carrying a torch. No offences disclosed. No trace on police arrival 10.35pm Wednesday 23rd August.

WILMCOTE 21st/22nd August 2017
Burglary Residential. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Makita Garden Strimmer stolen from workshop. Between 21st & 22nd August.

WILMCOTE 21st August 2017
Anti-Social Behaviour. Glebe Road, Wilmcote. Report of three cars racing up and down the road, sounding their horns and generally being a nuisance. 8.40pm Monday 21st August.

WILMCOTE 13th August 2017
Damage. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Three panels scratched and two tyres let down on a VW Golf. Early hours of Sunday 13th August.

WILMCOTE 27th & 28th July 2017
Burglary Residential. Church Road, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have damaged an electric gate and fence in order to gain access to property. They have unbolted a door to an outbuilding and have stolen a chainsaw and strimmer. Overnight 27th & 28th July.  28/07/2017

Burglary Residential. Church Road, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have jemmied open a door to a garage. Entry gained but nothing stolen. They may have been disturbed as a car was heard to drive away at about 3am. Overnight 27th & 28th July.  28/07/2017

Burglary Residential. Billesley Road, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have gained entry to a number of garages and have stolen garden equipment including hedge trimmers and chainsaws. A torch light may have been seen around 1am. Overnight 27th & 28th July.  28/07/2017

PATHLOW 25th July 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Male seen hanging around the area. Male spoke to a female dog walker before jumping over a fence into farm premises. 8.35pm Tuesday 25th July.  25/07/2017

WILMCOTE 22nd & 23rd July 2017
Burglary Residential. Wharf Lane, Wilmcote. Garden shed broken into and garden blower and chain saw stolen. Between 22nd & 23rd July.  23/07/2017

WILMCOTE 18th July 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Featherbed Lane, Wilmcote. Four to five persons seen walking in the Lane with dogs and torches. 11.55pm Tuesday 18th July. 18/07/2017

PATHLOW 5th & 6th July 2017
Burglary Residential. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Insecure brick Rear garden shed entered. Nothing found stolen at the time. Between 11pm Wednesday 5th July and 12.30am Thursday 6th July. Offender(s) may have been disturbed by the occupiers returning home.  06/07/2017

Vehicle Crime. Theft from X 2.  Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Two insecure vehicles entered and searched. Several CD’s stolen.  Overnight 5th & 6th July.  06/07/2017

WILMCOTE 24th June 2017
Anti-Social Behaviour. Arden Close, Wilmcote Door of house knocked loudly and four males seen to run off. The males then returned and stood in front of the house. Occupants concerned regards their behaviour. No other offences disclosed. 10.50pm Saturday 24th June.

PATHLOW 16th June 2017
Anti-Social Behaviour. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Youths seen throwing stones at parked cars. No reported cases of damage. Team will be monitoring. 5.15pm Friday 16th June.

WILMCOTE 15th June 2017
Theft. Swans Close, Wilmcote. A Workmate and a set of ladders taken from a communal car park. Thursday 15th June.

WILMCOTE 14th June 2017
Burglary Residential. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have entered a house through a window while the occupants were still inside. They have then made a search of the bedroom before taking a jewellery box and a pillow case. The jewellery box was later found in the garden of the house, so it seems the offender(s) were disturbed and did not return. Between 10pm & 11pm Wednesday 14th June.

WILMCOTE 12th June 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Station Road, Wilmcote. Security lights activated at house at 10.30pm Sunday 11th June. On the following morning a torch was found on the drive way to the house. Torch recovered by police. No offences disclosed.  

WILMCOTE 10th June 2017
Found Property. Canal, Near to bridge 59. Green ‘Triumph’ motorcycle seen in the canal. Seat and rear wheel visible. Looks like it may have fire damage. Found on the afternoon of Saturday 10th June. Canal authorities informed.

WILMCOTE 9th June 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Station Road, Wilmcote. Three men seen stood next to a van parked in the road. Males and van not seen before so considered suspicious by caller. No offences disclosed. 5.45pm Friday 9th June.

WILMCOTE 5th/6th June 2017
Burglary Residential. Marsh Road, Wilmcote. Offenders have forced open a window at the premises and have then gained entry. Once inside they have stolen car keys and have then also stolen a Dark Blue VW Golf from the driveway. Overnight 5th & 6th June.  The stolen car was later found in Broadway with various parts missing. 

WILMCOTE 21st May/3rd June 2017
Burglary Residential. Church Road, Wilmcote. Set of metal telescopic ramps used for wheelchair access stolen from garden shed. Value approx. £700. Between 21st May & 3rd June.

WILMCOTE 3rd June 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Masons Close, Wilmcote. Two men dressed in orange coloured boiler suits from a small white van seen acting suspiciously around the houses. The last three letters of the registration number was ‘NUO’. No offences disclosed. Afternoon of Saturday 3rd June.

WILMCOTE 30th May 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Stone Pits Meadow, Wilmcote. Three males from a Silver saloon car seen acting suspiciously in the road. Males seen to go into the fields. Unknown what they were doing. 2am Tuesday 30th May.

WILMCOTE 26/27th May 2017
Burglary Residential. Station Road, Wilmcote. Offender(s) have forced open a patio door and have gained entry. An untidy search of the house was then made. It is also believed that a White Mercedes vehicle was stolen at the time of the burglary. Enquiries ongoing. Between 26th & 27th May. 

WILMCOTE 14th May 2017
Anti-Social Behaviour. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. On the green space at the end of the road. Motorcycle being ridden around the area by several youths. No helmets. Generally causing a nuisance. Details passed to police. 8pm Sunday 14th May.

Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Station Road, Wilmcote. Front and rear number plates stolen from car. Plates unscrewed and taken. Overnight 14th & 15th May.

WILMCOTE 16th April 2017
Please be aware that between 6.15pm and 6.30pm on 16th April, three offenders arrived at a home in Swanfold, Wilmcote in a blue VW Golf, two of them got out of the vehicle wearing black clothing, beanie hats and scarfs over their faces.   The offenders then climbed over the rear fencing and into the garden before interfering with security devices where they then entered the premises through an insecure window.  Once inside, the offenders stole a car key from the hallway and a large quantity of valuable jewellery from a bedroom before making off.  The offenders then used the vehicle keys to steal a BMW vehicle from the driveway.

WILMCOTE 25th March 2017
Suspicious Circumstances.  Swanfold, Wilmcote. Occupants of Silver Ford Focus seen to approach houses in area and ask if they want their drives done.  Driver of car described as a white female with blonde hair.  Vehicle headed off towards Featherbed Lane and the Canal.  No offences disclosed.  Last three letters of registration number is ‘EOZ’ Full details given to police.  2pm Saturday 25th March

WILMCOTE 22nd February 2017
Anti Social Behaviour. The Ridgeway, Wilmcote. Approx five cars racing up and down the road. No trace of vehicle on police arrival. 10.20pm Wednesday 22nd February

BILLESLEY 20th February 2017
Suspicious Circumstances. Land near to Manor Farm, Billesley. Silver van seen to be driving across land between Haselor and Wilmcote. Van contained two males and one female. 1.40pm Monday 20th February
Suspicious Circumstances. White Houses, Billesley. Grey Transit Van seen parked near to houses. Two males and one female in the van. Vehicle had no reason to be there and therefore looked suspicious. The last three letters of the registration number was ‘UGF’. No offences disclosed at the time. 1.30pm Monday 20th February

WILMCOTE 23rd & 24th December 2016
Damage. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Front nearside window of car smashed. Nothing stolen. Overnight 23rd & 24th December.
Damage. Swanfold, Wilmcote. Passenger side window of car smashed. Nothing stolen. Overnight 23rd & 24th December.
Damage. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Electric Side mirror of car forced open, breaking the mechanism. Between 23rd & 24th December.

WILMCOTE 21st December 2016
Suspicious Circumstances. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Male from Pizza Delivery vehicle acting suspiciously. Details passed to police. No offences disclosed. 7pm Wednesday 21st December.

WILMCOTE 19th December 2016
Vehicle Crime – theft from. Pub car park, The Green, Wilmcote. Ford Transit works van broken into several power tools stolen, including saws and drills totalling approx £4000. No sign of damage or forced entry. Between 5pm and 7pm Monday 19th December.

Vehicle Crime – Attempt theft from. Pub car park, The Green, Wilmcote. Offenders have drilled a hole in the rear doors of a Mercedes Sprinter works van, but entry was not gained. Overnight 18th & 19th December. 

WILMCOTE Sunday 27th November 2016
Suspicious Circumstance/Poaching. Aston Cantlow Road Wilmcote.  Approx. 5 men with dogs seen to be using land between Wilmcote and Newnham. A red 4×4 was seen in the area with dogs in the back and was possibly involved.  12.30pm Sunday 27th November.

WILMCOTE Tuesday 22nd November 2016
Theft.  Store, Aston Cantlow Road. Male from a white Peugeot van entered the store and stole a bottle of wine.  Left without offering payment.  Last three letters of van was ‘JKV’. 12.40pm Tuesday 22nd November.

WILMCOTE Tuesday 11th October 2016
Suspicious Circumstances.  Wharf Lane, Wilmcote. Blue estate car seen driving up and down road.  Occupants looking at houses.  12 midday Tuesday 11th October.
At some point before 2pm offenders entered a home in Aston Hill, Wilmcote, possibly through a rear window.  Once inside, offenders carried out a search before making off with items of jewellery and a quantity of cash.


PATHLOW Saturday 17th September 2016
Anti Social Behaviour. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. 2 males and 2 females have walked across private property and have approached people at holiday lets. General nuisance. 6.15pm Saturday 17th September.

WILMCOTE Overnight 12th & 13th September 2016
Burglary, Swans Close, Wilmcote. Sometime during the night of 12 into 13 September, offenders forced open several windows at a home in Swans Close, Wilmcote.The offenders wedged open an upstairs bedroom window and the ground floor lounge windows along with leaving graffiti on the front door.

WILMCOTE Wednesday 7th September 2016
Vehicle Crime. Theft of. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Black Ford Fiesta car stolen while driver making a delivery in the road. Vehicle contained several bags of medication. Intel from the scene suggest the offender may have been a white male. The stolen vehicle drove off towards Aston Cantlow and may have been in convoy with another small black hatchback car. Between 11am and 12 midday.

WILMCOTE Monday 22nd August 2016
Suspicious Circumstances.  The Green, Wilmcote.  4.30pm.  Male called at house asking for money.  Male had done the same thing before.  Male not known by resident.  Male left when request was refused.

WILMCOTE Thursday 18th August 2016
Theft.  Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote.  Brick shed broken into and approx. 60 litre of red diesel stolen from tank.  Noises heard around 2am.

WILMCOTE Monday 15th August 2016
Suspicious Circumstances.  Swans Close, Wilmcote.  10pm.  Car seen driving around fields.  Also a group of people in the fields being noisy, etc.

WILMCOTE Overnight 9th & 10th August 2016
Vehicle Crime. – Theft from.  Aston Cantlow Road.  Rear doors of works transit van forced open and a search made inside.  Nothing stolen.

Vehicle Crime. – Theft from.  Arden Close, Wilmcote.  Window of VW Golf smashed and entry gained.  Complete factory fitted satnav and stereo system stolen from dash board.  Alarm activation at around 3am.

WILMCOTE Thursday 4th August 2016
Suspicious Circumstances.  Area of stone Pits Meadow.  Dark Grey Range Rover seen in area on a number of occasions.  Caller reporting that it does not have any number plates and thought this suspicious.  Area search by police but no trace.

WILMCOTE Wednesday 20th July 201
Burglary Dwelling. Station Road,  Wilmcote.  Resident has seen a male at the rear of the premises who said that they wanted to check the water in the house.  This male was let in and it is thought that another male has entered the property at this point and searched the premises stealing small items of jewellery etc.  Afternoon of Wednesday 20th July 2016.

PATHLOW Sunday 17th/Monday 18th July 2016
Burglary other.  Birmingham Road, Pathlow.  Two outbuildings broken into and building tools stolen.  Overnight 17th & 18th July.

WILMCOTE Sunday 19th June 2016
Suspicious Circumstances.  Featherbed Lane, Wilmcote. Caller reporting that a left hand drive, Blue BMW had flashed blue lights at them as if to signal them to stop. The BMW was then driven dangerously around the callers car. Enquiries ongoing. 11pm Sunday 19th June.

WILMCOTE Wednesday 8th June 2016
Vehicle Crime – damage/theft.  Layby near to train station, Station Road, Wilmcote between 8.20am and 7.45pm.  Front passenger window of Mini smashed and entry to car gained.

WILMCOTE Tuesday 17th May 2016
Distraction Burglary – Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote 6.30pm.  While elderly couple were unloading their car of shopping, they were approached by a male and female described as eastern European.  This couple asked for directions while also entering the elderly couples house.  During this time two cash cards were stolen and then used to withdraw cash from their account.  The couple had just been shopping at a store in Stratford so it is believed they were followed from there to their home address.  The offenders would have noted the pin number while they were at the store.

PATHLOW Monday 16th May 2016

  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from Pathlow Park, Pathlow.   Nissan Cabstar lorry broken into and tools stolen.
WILMCOTE Thursday 21st April 2016.
  • Attempted Vehicle Crime – Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote.   4.15am.  Window of car smashed by possibly 2 offenders who then ran off.
WILMCOTE overnight between Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st April 2016.
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote.   Vehicle entered and a factory fitted radio/sat nav. stolen.
WILMCOTE overnight between Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th April 2016
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from The Close, Wilmcote.  Works van broken into and various tools stolen.  **Entry via a hole cut into the roof of the van**.
WILMCOTE Sunday 14th February 2016.
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Items stolen from the boot of a car parked on a private driveway, items included a dog grooming kit and a Google Chrome laptop.
WILMCOTE between Thursday 14th and Friday 15th January 2016.
  • Vehicle Crime – Attempt theft from Pub car park, Wilmcote. Attempt made to enter a works van.
WILMCOTE Tuesday, 12th January 2016.
  • Theft from Caravan site. Theft of black wheelie bin.
WILMCOTE overnight between Thursday, 10th and Friday, 11th December 2015
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft From. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Works van broken into and tools stolen. Offenders have ‘snipped’ around door lock to gain entry.
WILMCOTE Friday, 4th December 2015, 22:20
  • Suspicious Circumstances. Arden Close, Wilmcote. Male called at house and said that they were delivering a parcel but the recipient had to pay extra. Caller refused to accept parcel and nothing was delivered. No offences disclosed.
WILMCOTE Tuesday, 24th November 2015
  • Anti Social Behaviour. Featherbed Lane, Wilmcote. Two males seen using a catapult to fire items at canal boats. No offences disclosed.
WILMCOTE Wednesday, 4th November 2015, between 12:00 and 15:00
  • Damage. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Wing mirror damaged on vehicle.
PATHLOW Sunday, 1st November 2015, 16:00
  • Anti Social Behaviour. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Caller reporting marbles being catapulted at their house from nearby site.
WILMCOTE Monday, 26th October 2015, between 10:30 and 15:00
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Front and rear number plates stolen from a red Audi A3.
WILMCOTE Friday, 2nd October 2015, 12:45
  • Suspicious Circumstances. The Close, Wilmcote. Vehicle and male seen acting suspiciously in the area. Registration number passed to police by caller.
WILMCOTE overnight between Thursday, 20th and Friday, 21st August 2015
  • Vehicle Crime -Theft From. The Close, Wilmcote. Side door of works van damaged and van entered. Nothing stolen as tools had been removed.
WILMCOTE Thursday, 24th September 2015, between 19:30 and 20:30
  • Suspicious Circumstances / Attempt theft from Vehicle. Glebe Estate, Wilmcote. Caller went out to his works van and saw a car drive off quickly from the side of the van. Scratches and other marks were then found around the door lock of the van.
WILMCOTE between Friday, 11th and Saturday, 12th September 2015
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Station Road, Wilmcote. Window of works van smashed and items stolen from inside.
PATHLOW Saturday, 5th September 2015, 15:30
  • Damage. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Resident heard and then saw a group of youngsters using a catapult to shoot into a hedgerow. When spoken to the group ran off but at the same time a kitchen window in the house was broken.
WILMCOTE Sunday, 9th August 2015, 03:30
  • Suspicious Circumstances. Swanfold, Wilmcote. Caller saw torch light on house and window. Man in black clothing seen. No offences disclosed.
WILMCOTE overnight between Wednesday, 5th and Thursday, 6th August 2015
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Secure car entered by unknown means and items stolen.
WILMCOTE Wednesday, 24th June 2015, between 07:30 and 20:00
  • Theft. Featherbed Lane, Wilmcote. Theft of men’s black trek mountain bike which was secured to post.
WILMCOTE between Saturday, 13th and Sunday, 14th June 2015
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from. The Close, Wilmcote. Theft of tools from works van.
WILMCOTE found and reported Tuesday, 12th May 2015
  • Burglary Other. Church Road, Wilmcote. Rear garden Shed entered and garden equipment and artists materials stolen. Occurred over the last few weeks.
PATHLOW Monday, 11th May 2015, 19:30
  • Anti Social behaviour. Birmingham Road, Pathlow. Group of 6 or 7 youths seen standing in field ‘firing’ objects from catapults towards the main road. Police attended and no persons found. No offences disclosed.