Examination Core Documents

1.   Relevant Legislation

Stratford District Council Core Strategy

SDC Core Strategy Inspectors Final Report

Localism Act 2011

 The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulation 2012

 The Neighbourhood Planning (General) (Amendment) Regulation 2015

National Planning Policy Framework


2.   The Neighbourhood Area

2.1 Letter of Application


Wilmcote Neighbourhood Area Application letter

2.2   Letter of Area Designation


Wilmcote Neighbourhood Area Designation letter

2.3   Wilmcote & Pathlow maps

Click on the link immediately below to see the Wilmcote Neighbourhood Area Map associated with the Wilmcote Area Application and Designation letters of 1st and 3rd November 2016.



Green Belt Map

Wilmcote Conservation Areas Map

Wilmcote (Pathlow) Map


3.   Consultation Event Documentation

3.1   Consultation Event Dates

3.1.1   Regulation 14 Consultation: 11th November 2016 to 5th January 2017.

Regulation 14 Representation Form

Regulation 14 Consultation: 1st March to 12th April 2016.
Wilmcote NDP Regulation 14 Draft 24.02.16

Wimcote & Pathlow NDP – SDC Comments on pre-sub NDPv.2

Supporting documents relevant to the draft Wilmcote and Pathlow Neighbourhood Development Plan can be viewed by clicking on the following links:
Wilmcote Planning Policy Background and Evidence Base Review – August 2015

Wilmcote & Pathlow NP Survey Results Final Report 2015

Landscape character and prominent views Policy WP5

Comments received:
Mr Hayes comments on consultation

Mr & Mrs Stacey comments on consultation

Wimcote & Pathlow NDP – SDC Comments on pre-sub NDPv.2

Verbal comments received at Open Day: to remove some of the detail in Policies WP1 and WP3.

3.1.2   Informal Consultation: 23rd October to 30th November 2015.  No comments received.
Wilmcote NDP Informal Consultation Draft 20.10.15 (2)

Wilmcote Planning Policy Background and Evidence Base Review – August 2015

Wilmcote & Pathlow NP Survey Results Final Report 2015

Landscape character and prominent views Policy WP5

3.2   Public Meetings

 27th June 2015 – Neighbourhood Plan team give presentation to Parish residents.Open Day 27 06 2015 photo 2Open Day 27 06 2015 photo 1

 WNPG Presentation Open Day 27 June 2015

Open Day WPC-NPG Minutes February 2015

N plan slides June 2014

Parish Council presentation 21 10 2013

3.3   Public Notices

Wilmcote NDP Quarterly Update 9 February 2017

WNPG Quarterly Update 7 June 2016
WNPG Quarterly Update 6 March 2016
WNPG Quarterly Update 5 October 2015
WNPG Quarterly Update May 2105 Survey Results
WNPG Quarterly Update 3 November 2014
WNPG Quarterly Update 2 July 2014_
WNPG Quarterly Update 1 April 2014

Village Vine April 2015 edition

WNPG flyer January 2014

Village Vine December 2013 edition

3.4   Questionnaire
Wilmcote & Pathlow NP Survey Results Final Report 2015

Questionnaire 3 December 2014

Consultation Unit Leaflet Parish Town Council Assistance

3.5   Housing Needs Survey
Wilmcote HNS report Nov2015

3.6   Working Groups

3.6.1   Amenities
WNPG Village Amenities

3.6.2   Commercial/Industrial/Retail
Wilmcote parish commercial property April 2014 (SDC copy)

Reports on the Commercial, Industrial and Retail sector can be seen below:
WNPG report Commercial Industrial Retail

3.6.3   Environmental Report
WNPG Revised and Updated Environment Sector Report 2 July 2015

WNPG Revised Draft Environment Sector Report 1

3.6.4   Housing
Communication re Social Housing September 2014

WNPG report Private Housing

WNPG Private Housing Meeting 2 29 April 2014

WNPG Private Housing Meeting 1 20 March 2014

WNPG Private Housing March 2014

WNPG private housing sector further data

WNPG private housing sector further data 2

3.6.5   Infrastructure & Utilities
Western Power Distribution West Midlands April 2014

Openreach April 2014

Telecommunications May 2014

WNPG Infrastructure Minutes 14 April 2014

WNPG Infrastructure Presentation

WNPG Infrastructure & Utilities

WNPG Infrastructure Questionnaire

Coal Authority

Land Drainage

Network Rail Town Planning htm (1)

Leamington & Stratford Lines

London Midland Railways

SDC Water Cycle Study 2012

Water Cycle Study 2012 extracts

For images, click on the image to enlarge.

West Mercia Police letter

West Mercia Police letter 080414

Environment Agency Groundwater map

Environment Agency groundwater map

Severn Trent map request

Severn Trent map request

Canal & River Trust email

Canal & River Trust email 030114

SDC Water Cycle

SDC Water Cycle email 130714

3.7   Warwickshire County Council
Wilmcote – Stratford NP Forum Presentation Ben Wallace WCC

Wilmcote 2 – Stratford NP Forum Presentation David Lowe WCC

3.8   Historic England
Wilmcote 3 – Stratford NP Forum PresentationHE-Calibri


4.   Submission Documents

4.1 Referendum NDP submitted August 2017

Wilmcote NDP Referendum Draft 21.08.17

4.2  Documents submitted February 2017

Wilmcote NDP Regulation 16 Draft 31.01.17

Wilmcote Basic Conditions Statement 01.02.17

Wilmcote Consultation Statement 01.02.17

Wilmcote and Pathlow SEA Screening Report – April 2016

4.3  Documents submitted June 2016

Wilmcote NDP Regulation 16 Draft 17.06.16

Wilmcote Basic Conditions Statement 17.06.16

Wilmcote Consultation Statement 13.06.16


5.   Strategic Environmental Assessment

SEA Screening SDC advice

SEA Screening Report – Wilmcote & Pathlow NDP

Wilmcote & Pathlow NDP – SEA screening – SDC conclusion


186472 Wilmcote and Pathlow NP SEA Screening

186472 Wilmcote and Pathlow NP Reg 14 NE RESPONSE


6.   Local Background Documents

SEA Screening SDC advice

Assessment of Development Options.  Click on the link below for the position taken to align with the SDC Core Strategy.

Wilmcote Planning Policy Background and Evidence Base Review – August 2015

Wilmcote & Pathlow NP Survey Results Final Report 2015

Landscape character and prominent views Policy WP5

Wilmcote & Pathlow Parish Plan 2004 – Village Opinion Survey

Wilmcote & Pathlow Parish Plan 2004 – Action Plan

For location and details of Wilmcote listed buildings please click on the appropriate link below:

Palmers Farmhouse Wilmcote

Church of St Andrew Wilmcote

Mary Ardens House and attached dairy Wilmcote

Pear Tree Cottage Wilmcote

Apple Tree Cottage Wilmcote

Barn and stable approx 20 m N.E. of Palmers Farmhouse Wilmcote

Kirkside Wilmcote

Neals Bridge, Stratford on Avon Canal

The Crofts Wilmcote

Farmbuildings 2 m N. of Mary Ardens House Wilmcote

Farmbuildings approx 8 m N. of Palmers Farmhouse Wilmcote

Swan House Hotel Wilmcote

The Laurels Wilmcote

The Masons Arms public house Wilmcote

The Old Vicarage Wilmcote

Railway footbridge Wilmcote Station

Wilmcote Church of England School

Dovecote Wilmcote

K6 Telephone kiosk Wilmcote

Wilmcote images of our village 22 06 2016

HER Warwickshire Historic Environment Records Wilmcote





For Wilmcote see pages 265-270 in the Historic Environment Assessment for Local Service Villages

Neighbourhood Planning & the Historic Environment – English Heritage

Historic Environment Assessment LSVs Wilmcote HEA 38

APPENDIX 1 historic questions August 2014

Communication between WNPG and Warwickshire County Council September 2014

English Heritage November 2013

District Green Infrastructure Study – Main Report – Aug 2011

Wilmcote Area of Flood Risk

Relevant Maps:










7.   National Background Documents

House of Commons – Planning for housing June 2015

Heritage and Urban Design Resources for NPs

Policy Advice Note – NP Housing Checklist v3.3

Neighbourhood Plans – Presentation latter stages of NP process

8.   Archived Material

Neighbourhood Development Plan Informal Consultation 23rd October to 30th November 2015
Wilmcote NDP Informal Consultation Draft 20.10.15 (2)

Minutes of Meetings
WPC NPG minutes 02 09 2015 no 23
WPC NPG minutes 07 07 2015 no 22
WPC NPG minutes 02 06 2015 no 21
WPC NPG minutes 05 05 2015 no 20
WPC NPG minutes 21 04 2015 no 19

Control Plan
SDC Neighbourhood Planning Notes link

SDC Neighbourhood Planning Master Classes November 2014

Control Plan Preparation August 2014

Flow Chart for developing Neighbourhood Plan June 2014

Financial Management
Schedule II-Wilmcote PC Neighbourhood Planning Group

Communication between WNPG and SDC May 2014

Communication between WNPG and SDC re Schedule II

Communication with planning consultants
David Holmes planning support services

Stewart Vick planning consultancy

Management Procedure
Steering Group Management procedure Version 2 September 2014

Terms of Reference
Steering Group Terms of Reference Version 2 September 2014

Initial Site Selection Process
WNPG Initial Site Selection Process May 2015

What is the Neighbourhood Planning Group?

The Localism Act 2012 introduced the right for parishes to decide the future of their community by producing a Neighbourhood Plan which will cover key aspects of the development of the parish.   It will enable those who know and care about Wilmcote village and the hamlet of Pathlow to plan for its future development.   It is about making sure the right things are built in the right places.   It can help with the delivery of homes and services whilst protecting and improving the best of the parish and its environment.

Wilmcote produced a Parish Plan in 2001.   The Neighbourhood Plan will build on this work but the Plan will carry statutory weight.   Subject to approval by the residents it will be used when deciding future planning decisions that affect the parish.   It strengthens the community’s ability to guide development in a way that is acceptable to the residents.

Wilmcote Parish Council convened an open meeting in the Village Hall on Monday 21st October 2013 with the purpose of outlining the opportunity residents have in developing a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for the Parish.

If you are a resident the process will be critical to ensuring the quality of life is maintained and, more importantly, improved where possible as the Parish expands.

A new steering committee named as the Wilmcote Neighbourhood Planning Group (WNPG) was appointed following the meeting on 21st October 2013, reportable to the Parish Council and will need your help during the process, as you will all be consulted.

How You Can Help.  The WNPG members will need support during the process.  If you are interested in supporting the WNPG or have any other queries please contact:

Colin Ray                       Chairperson
contact   via Liz Butterworth Clerk to the Parish  Council    01789 268998

Roger Harrison             Treasurer                                             01789 298009

Remember the Neighbourhood Plan will control the environment of the village and therefore the quality of your life.

Useful Websites

Stratford-on-Avon District Council

Warwickshire County Council

Department for Communities and Local Government


Planning Advisory Service

Neighbourhood Planning Forum