Meeting 10 – 5th August 2014

Wilmcote Neighbourhood Planning Group

Meeting Minutes – No.10

In attendance:

  • Emma Ward
  • Keith Vinning
  • Ken Guy
  • Richard Hoskin
  • Norman and Diane Lee
  • Sarah Carrington-Gull
  • Steve Howell
  • Peter Howard
  • John Singleton
  • Deanna Fernie
  • Roger Harrison (Chairman of the meeting)
  • Jamie Perry
  • Nick Willson
  • Ted Mander (PC)
  • Jennie Clarke (PC)

Apologies: Alan Griffith, Kate Compton & Colin Ray (PC)

1. Minutes of Last Meeting – 1st July

The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.

2. Matters Arising

Social housing sector – Alan Griffith had spoken to John/Jill Philps about this Peter Goddard, supported by Peter Howard, will take it on.

Sewage System – Parish Council have discussed the issue relating to Station Rd. though it is not within the Parish Council remit. The group noted that, if there is building development in Featherbed Lane and/or Station Road then this will be an issue – and this may also apply to other developments in the village, particularly in the south and east parts.

Sector Reports – The sector leaders willattempt to complete their sector reports by the next meeting. John Singleton’s sector report will be circulated to help as a guide – his draft report appendix has copies of emails and background reports.

Draft Questionnaire – included as an agenda item.

Planning Consultant’s Draft Report – the group agreed to review the potential development sites and refine the recommendations.

Treasurer’s report – included as an agenda item.

Quarterly update No.2, July – This flyer has been distributed to all houses throughout the Parish. It was clarified that Emma & Peter Ward’s list, from 114 Aston Cantlow Road onwards, does include Marsh Road, Aston Hill and Woodcote, so Norman & Diane Lee agreed to help with Woodcote. Keith Vinning agreed to laminate the Update for the3 notice boards – Manor Drive, opposite the shop and Aston Cantlow Road.

3. Parish Council Issues – Parish Council raised clarification of the decision-taking/approval procedure and responsibility for expenditure. Action:Colin Ray and Alan Griffith will meet.

4. Planning Consultant Report – 15 page report had been circulated before the meeting and photocopies of the maps and notes were discussed by all present. Each of the 19 possible sites in Wilmcote was considered as to their suitability for 5+ new houses.

Recommendations noted that a statement is included in the questionnaire that environmental reporting is awaited on each potential area.

  1. Maybe – Potential Challenge to Consultant Recommendation – clarification required on environmental issue ancient woodland and access issue to be cleared
  2. Maybe – Potential Challenge – only as part of 1 with clarification on access cleared
  3. No – Accept recommendation – no building
  4. No – Accept recommendation – no building
  5. Maybe – considerations to lovely views across open land
  6. Yes – Group concludes that it is a possible development site with serious consideration about access and provision to maintain recreation area – multiple site
  7. Yes – Possible for small development but potentially only with 8 due to access
  8. Yes – agree with recommendation
  9. Yes – Pending In Conservation Area
  10. Yes – Pending In Conservation Area
  11. No – for development site but yes for potential recreation area
  12. No – agree with recommendation
  13. No – agree with recommendation
  14. No – agree with recommendation
  15. No – agree with recommendation
  16. No – agree with recommendation
  17. No – agree with recommendation
  18. No – agree with recommendation – serious concern about access
  19. Maybe – considerations to access, flooding, expansion to village, services

Action – the interests of the whole of the Parish must be considered and the questionnaire must include the Pathlow map.

  1. No other discussion on individual sectors.

6. Questionnaire – suggested additions and amendments to be emailed to Roger Harrison.

7. Finance – A spreadsheet summarising the WNPG budget, grant submission, expenditure to date and latest estimate has been prepared for the Parish Council, with a reconciliation of all cheques and the current bank balance.

  1. No other business
  2. Next meeting – 2nd September at 7.30 pm at the Village Hall