Flyer hand delivered to all residents January 2014

How Important is your Village?                


As you will be aware Stratford District Council is charged with developing 11,800 homes in the region between now and 2021.

Where do you want new homes to be built in the village?

The Parish of Wilmcote, incorporating Pathlow, have a great opportunity to develop a Plan for the future.

As a result, Wilmcote Parish Council convened an open meeting in the Village Hall on Monday 21st October last year, with the purpose of outlining the opportunity residents have in developing a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for the Parish. This has come about as a result of government empowerment policies for local communities.

The Plan is not just about increasing housing in a structured way, but also the amenities, businesses, and leisure facilities.  In other words, everything that is important to a thriving village, whether it be shops, transport, schools, church, open spaces etc.

If you are a resident, the process will be critical to ensuring the quality of life is maintained and, more importantly, improved where possible as the Parish expands.

 A new steering committee was appointed following the meeting on 21st October, reportable to the Parish Council and will need your help during the process, as you will all be consulted.

In addition the current committee will need support during the process, which will be interesting and informative, in developing the Neighbourhood Plan. This will eventually control the future development of the Village up until 2021.

Committee members will need support during the process.  If you are interested in supporting the committee please contact:

                Alan Griffith             Chairperson                            01789 294776

                Roger Harrison       Treasurer                                01789 298009

Remember the Neighbourhood Plan will control the environment of the village and therefore the quality of your life.  If you have any queries please feel free to ring Alan or Roger.

                                                                                                                                                Date        12th January 2014


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