Crime Prevention – Property marking kit

PROPERTY MARKING KIT – Instant Thief Protection!

Nearly 400,000 sheds and garages are broken into every year in the UK as a result of which an enormous amount of property is stolen most of which is unrecoverable as there are no individual identifiers.  If these items were marked it would mean that they would be recoverable.

We have been provided with a number of Property marking creMark kits which enable you to visibly mark your property so that it is easily recognisable should you be unlucky enough to have it stolen.  These are really easy to use pens that take minutes to use and will safeguard your property giving you peace of mind.

We also have some signs which will be put up within the Parish once people have started using the kits to deter thieves.

If you would like to borrow one to mark your own items, please contact Cllr. Massey on 01789 266517.