Meeting 2 – 4th December 2013

Wilmcote Neighbourhood Planning Group

Minutes of Meeting Number  2

Held at the Village Hall at 8.00pm on Wednesday 4th December 2013

In attendance:

Colin Ray, Jennie Clarke- P.C.  Representatives

Alan Griffith (Chair), Roger Harrison (Treasurer), Lisa Cashmore (Secretary), Richard Hoskins, John Singleton, Liza Plumb,


John and Jill Philps, Darren Whyman,  Emma and Peter Ward, Ted Mander, Darren Gwynne

Circulation all above plus; Yvonne Burt, Steve Howell, Mandy Scruby, Ken Guy

  1. 1.      Minutes of Last Meeting 15th November 2013
    1. a.       These where accepted as a true record by all present.
  1. 2.      Parish Council update
    1. a.       Colin Ray Chairperson of the Parish Council confirmed that the Application for the Designation Plan Area for the parish has been submitted to SDC.
    2. b.      Approval should be given by the end of the first week in February.
    3. c.       When the Application is approved, the NPG can proceed with the planning process. This is likely to take 18 to 24 months. Certain work can take place in the lead up to approval, principally, planning the process and setting budgets.
    4. d.      The Parish Council has posted notes on all public notice boards in the Parish to inform residents of the application. Media coverage has also taken place on the radio and in the local papers.
    5. e.      The question of a notice board in the Pathlow area was discussed. PC to review.

ACTION        C.R.

  1. f.        CR confirmed that any members of the NPG must be a resident of the Parish.
  1. 3.      Control Plan (draft) Review
    1. a.       John Singleton to head up the Private Housing group instead of Peter Ward who will help out Emma on Public Areas/ Amenities.
    2. b.      Following  a discussion about the process in the control plan it was agreed that the sequence would be;

i.      Establish scope of the various sectors

ii.      Find contact details.

iii.      Initial Research with parties to understand business and/or activities.

iv.       Review questions for the Neighbourhood  Questionnaire

v.      Programme and Budget for the above.


  1. c.       AG to review programme/sequencing for the Control Plan activities.


  1. 4.      Questionnaire
    1. a.       The meeting discussed the Questionnaire of Welford.
    2. b.      Meeting discussed whether there was any intellectual properties involved with the form. RH confirmed that he had confirmed with Welford NPG that there where non as the NPG had prepared it following dialogue with the various parties in the Village. The consultant who reviewed the results was obviously given the opportunity to make comments before it was sent to SDC for printing and circulation.
    3. c.       AG agreed to circulate the Welford Questionnaire.

Action    AG

  1. 5.       Third Party Involvement.
    1. a.       Meeting discussed the consultants required to assist. All felt that a consultant should review the final questionnaire. No other consultants required at this time.
    2. b.      RH to discuss with Welford the consultants considered and start the selection process including preparing a scope of service. Quotes should be received once SDC has given approval to the Parish as a Neighbourhood Planning Area.


  1. 6.      NPG Constitution
    1. a.       Colin Ray raised the importance of the NPG Constitution.
    2. b.      RH agreed to review a constitution and discus his proposals at the next meeting.

Action    RH

  1. 7.      Account/ Bank Grant
    1. a.       RH confirmed that a bank account will be opened and 2 signatures will be required  from 2 PC members.( Liz Butterworth and Colin Ray) and himself.


  1. b.      CR confirmed that the PC will transfer £2,000 to the account to provide funds to the NPG until the grant is received. Loan to be repaid once grant is received.
  2. c.       RH will review a budget for the process. In put will be required from all parties.

Action       RH/ALL