Meeting 1 – 12th November 2013

Wilmcote Neighbourhood Planning Group

Minutes of Meeting                                                                  Number 1

Held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th November 2013

In attendance:

Colin Ray              Chairman Village Parish Council

Ted Mander       Parish Council

Jennie Clarke     Parish Council

Richard Hoskin, Darren Gwynne, Roger Harrison, Jill and John Philps, David Whyman, Yvonne Burt, Steve Howell, Mandy Scruby, Emma and Peter Ward, Alan Griffith

  1. 1.      Introduction

Colin Ray opened the meeting and thanked those present for agreeing to help on the Neighbourhood Planning Group following the introductory meeting held on Monday 21st October.

  1. 2.      Brief Background to the Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

Colin Ray, supported by the other councillors, outlined the principle of the NP.  It was confirmed that Welford NPG would be available to support if required.  Colin also advised that Snitterfield were also in the process of establishing a NPG and raising the application to Stratford on Avon District Council to achieve Neighbourhood Planning area status.

  1. 3.      Election of Key Members of Wilmcote NPG
  1. a.       Chairperson

Following a discussion Alan Griffith agreed to be Chairperson.

  1. b.      Treasurer

The meeting accepted Roger Harrison as Treasurer

  1. c.       Secretary

This post was not filled at the meeting but must be filled ASAP.  All present to make enquires and advise AG and /or RH.

  1. 4.      Constitution for Neighbourhood Team/Group

Colin Ray confirmed that the constitution had been issued to all parties. The contents of the constitution must be adhered to.

  1. 5.      Application for Neighbourhood Plan Area status


Colin Ray, on behalf of the Parish Council, will submit the application.  It will take circa 6 weeks to achieve approval.

  1. 6.      The Next Stage

AG chaired the meeting from this stage .

  1. a.       AG believed the best way forward would to seek volunteer team leaders to undertake and manage specific sectors during the research stages .

Following discussions, the following individuals agreed to lead the sectors.

  1. a.       Private Housing-                                       Peter Ward
  2. b.      Social (including) rented                       John and Jill Philps
  3. c.       Infrastructure/ utilities                          David Wyman
  4. d.      Commercial/Industrial and Retail      Richard Hoskin
  5. e.      Public Areas/Amenities                         Emma Ward
  1. b.      Questionnaire

The meeting discussed the questionnaire used by Welford, a copy of which was tabled. The meeting discussed the management processes of preparing, circulating and analysis of the responses. Colin Ray confirmed that Stratford would produce, circulate and analyse if required.

Fiona Blundell is the contact at S on A.

Format of questionnaire must be agreed and decision made on who would evaluate. (this could be an independent person). Ways of circulating the questionnaire and analysing to be agreed by teams. The questionnaire cannot go out until NP Status has been given by Stratford Council. Contents of the questionnaire to be agreed prior to Wilmcote receiving planning status.

  1. c.       Communications

It was recognised that Communications with the residents in the Parish was critical, particularly with the number of media available and the differing age groups within the Parish.  It is believed that the Parish has circa 450 properties.

Colin Ray advised those present that the Parish council is in the process of setting up a web site.

  1. d.      Way forward

AG pointed out the importance of a plan of action so that the tasks are undertaken in a structured manner.  AG, over the coming weeks, will prepare a headline document to be developed by the core team members. This will include the sector leaders and the secretary and treasurer.  Once completed, the document will be known as the Control Plan.  The CP will be discussed with all members and support teams put in place as required.

Once the CP is complete, a cost plan can be prepared and a grant application applied for from Stratford District Council.


  1. 7.      Post Meeting Information
    1. a.       Communications

In discussions after the meeting, it was discussed that a communications person should be appointed as it is extremely important to use all forms of media to liaise with and inform residents. i.e. twitter ,face book, web sites etc. This would also help share the work load of the secretary.

  1. b.      Parish Council

We are now informed that the NPG will have to be a sub- committee of the Parish Council. The parish council will be able to forward some initial bridging funds once a bank account is open, prior to receiving the grant. Obviously the Parish Council will have to submit the grant application.

  1. 8.      Next Meeting

All felt Tuesday evening was convenient to meet.

AG will prepare a headline document that will form the initial index of the Control Plan. Once this is prepared, AG will convene the next meeting.