Meeting 5 – 4th March 2014

Wilmcote Neighbourhood Planning Group

Minutes of Meeting                                                                                                           Number   5  

Held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th March 2014

In attendance:

Colin Ray, Jennie Clarke, Ted Mander, PC Representatives

Alan Griffith (Chair), C. Roger Harrison (Treasurer), Stuart Taylor, Nick Willson, Lisa Plumb, Richard Hoskin, Ken Guy, Emma and Peter Ward, Jill and John Philps, John Singleton, Liz Hunt, Peter Howard, Keith Vinning


Hugh Frost, Jackie Bates, Jennifer Jackson, Peter Goddard                          

Circulation all the above plus, Lisa Cashmore, Steve Howell, Yvonne Burt, Darren Gwynne, Deanna Fernie

  1. 1.       Minutes of Last Meeting dated 4th February 2014
    1. a.      The minutes where accepted as a true record of the meeting.


  1. 2.       Matters Arising
    1. a.      (2d) David and Anna have agreed to keep the hard copy file for the public in the village shop.
    2. b.      (5c) Efforts to find a secretary has failed during the month. All members to see consider who could undertake the role.  Whoever is appointed needs to be very proficient in computers.

Action    All

  1. c.       Flyer Circulation figure where confirmed as follows.

                                                                                                                                                  i.      Station Road                                    35

                                                                                                                                                ii.      Aston Cantlow Road to 114          110

                                                                                                                                              iii.      Swanfold and Billesley Road           78

                                                                                                                                              iv.      Stone Pits                                        36

                                                                                                                                                v.      Featherbed Lane/ Travellers          70

                                                                                                                                              vi.      Glebe Estate                                    48

                                                                                                                                            vii.      Manor Drive/School Lane               25

                                                                                                                                          viii.      Aston Cantlow from 114,               105

Total 507


  1. d.      (7d) Richard Hoskin/Ken Guy to liaise with Emma and Peter Ward on the information gathered as there is some overlap with the sectors.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          i.       Action RH/EW

  1. e.      (8)  Control Plan issued to all parties after the last meeting.  AG received no comments. AG will update as required during the planning process.
  2. f.        (10c)  The review of the various grants by CRH will take place after the meeting with Fiona Blundell.


  1. 3.       PC Report
    1. a.      Web Site training will take place on 6th March. Lisa Plumb will be attending plus the Parish web manager, Pete Long and members of the PC.
    2. b.      CR advised that SDC had confirmed that Wilmcote  had been Designated a Neighbourhood Planning Area on 24th February. Copy of letter to be forwarded to Sector leaders.

Action  AG

  1. c.       The official revised Parish boundary has now been issued. AG to circulate.

Action   AG

  1. d.      Response to the Gypsy and Travellers Local Plan for Stratford on Avon District was discussed in depth. This involved reviewing the plan document, the 3 specific questions and also a possible draft letter from the WNPG.

As a result of the discussion, it was agreed that individuals would write separately to SDC. Responses to be submitted to Stratford District Council by 28th March.

                                                                                   Action   All

Draft letter and Local Plan to be sent to members for information purposes only, individuals to write their own letters.

                                                                                  Action    AG

The parish has 30 traveller pitches at Pathlow and a temporary pitch on the corner of Gospel Oak Lane and the Birmingham Road.

It was agreed that the Parish Council will be submitting the formal response on behalf of the Parish.


  1. 4.       Constitution
    1. a.      Copy of the final constitution to be emailed to all members.

Action  CRH


  1. 5.       SDC Meeting
    1. a.      The meeting with Fiona Blundell is scheduled for 1st April.

     Action CRH/AG


  1. b.      All sector leaders to send a list of information that may be required from SDC.  Lists to be sent to CRH and AG.

Action  RH/EW/ST/JS/JP


  1. 6.       Sector Review
    1. a.      All sector leaders, in conjunction with their teams, are to review the information they have gathered over the last 3 months and prepare a list of issues that affect their specific sector.

This will be very broad as outlined in the Control Plan.  For ease, please stay with the sector information as contacted in the Control Plan.  If elements are missing from the list, please let AG know so they can be added into the Control Plan.

  1. b.      Once the list is prepared, as outlined above, form another list opposite to the issues affecting the sector and list the questions to be added to the public questionnaire.

All parties to complete the schedule in a 2 column format.

Action            RH/EW/JS/JP/ST


  1. 7.       Communications
    1. a.      LP to load the approved documents on the web site.

To include, Designation Letter from SDC, Constitution, Parish Map, Notices and Flyers, Minutes of Meetings, Control Plan.

                                                                                    Action   PL

  1. b.      Article for the Village Vine to be written.

Action   AG

  1. c.       Quarterly News letter flyer to be prepared for the end of March.

Action AG/LP

  1. 8.       Treasurers Report
    1. a.      Grant application to be submitted in April.

Action CRH


  1. 9.       Structure of Next Meetings
    1. a.      The next few meetings will review the research undertaken by the various sectors. This will enable other members of the committee to understand the issues highlighted (current and historical) and the suggested questions for the public questionnaire.
    2. b.      As noted in the Control Plan, the infrastructure and utilities sector will be more applicable to the finding of the public questionnaire  and if they are feasible.  The exception is Rail Transport and the River and Canal Trust.


  1. 10.   AOB
    1. a.      On a general issue, several members highlighted the problem with car parking on station road.

P. C. members to review when they meet.

  1. b.      P.C. members pointed out that a planning application was in for 27 acres of solar panels at Burton Farm.


  1. 11.    Next Meeting
    1. a.      To be held on Tuesday 1st April Village Hall at 7.30pm