Meeting 6 – 1st April 2014

Wilmcote Neighbourhood Planning Group

Minutes of Meeting                                                                                Number 6

Held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 1st April 2014

In attendance

Colin Ray, representing  P.C.

Alan Griffith (Chair), Roger Harrison(Treasurer), Lisa Plumb, Keith Vinning, Nick Willson, John Singleton, Ken Guy, Peter and Emma Ward, Steve Howell, Jackie Bates, Kate Compton


Ted Mander, Jennie Clarke, Hugh Frost, John and Jill Philps, Peter Goddard, Richard Hoskin, Stuart Taylor

Circulation all the above plus, Lisa Cashmore, Yvonne Burt, Liz Hunt, Peter Howard, Jennifer Jackson, Darren Gwynne, Deanna Fernie.

The meeting welcomed Kate Compton to meeting who volunteered to help.

  1. 1.      Minutes of Last Meeting dated 4th March 2014.
    1. a.       The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting


  1. 2.      Matters Arising
    1. a.       (2b) The meeting discussed the possibility of splitting the responsibility of the secretarial role. 

AG confirmed that he would continue to minute the main meetings, and requested the sector leaders to continue to undertake the sector notes and minutes.

AG is meeting Pam Reynolds as she may be prepared to maintain the computer records of all the Group’s correspondence.

POST NOTE:  Pam Reynolds has agreed to fulfil the role as archivist.

  1. b.      (5b) Many thanks for the information sent to Roger and Alan from sector leaders re information required from SDC.
  2. c.       (6b)  Information from sector leaders requested was dealt with later in the agenda.


  1. 3.      P.C. Report
    1. a.      It was reported that Pete Long and SDC are working on the Web Site to load information and make the site easier to find.

Lisa Plumb confirmed that she had linked the site to Google within the last 24 hours.


  1. 4.      Report on Meeting with SDC

On the afternoon of 1st April, Alan Griffith and Roger Harrison met Fiona Blundell the current liaison officer for Neighbourhood Planning Groups in the District.


Minutes of the meeting had been circulated to all members of the group prior to the main meeting.

The following are the key issues of note;

  1. a.       There was a missing contact from the minutes. The contact was Simon Purfield a Consultation Manager who has helped the SDC with the NP process.

It must be recognised that he is a consultant who may charge for his services.

  1. b.      It was noted that Wilmcote is in category 2 of Local Service Villages in the District which is driven by the number of households and amenities.  This means the Parish must plan for 51 to 75 new homes from April 2011 to April 2031.  It was noted that the Parish should target for 75 new homes in this period.
  2. c.       It was noted that 8 homes had been granted planning since April 2011.
  3. d.      One key item was that SDC will be appointing Matt Neale as the Neighbourhood Planning Co-ordinator within the next 2 weeks.
  4. e.      SDC plan will go to Cabinet in April with a current target for approval  in a year’s time, May 2015.


  1. 5.      Communication
    1. a.       LP advised that all the main documents had been put on the Web Site.
    2. b.      Web as noted now linked to Google.
    3. c.       Article placed in the Village Vine last month.
    4. d.      Quarterly news letter required this month.  AG and LP to prepare and print.

Action  AG/LP

  1. e.      Circulation by those members who distributed last flyer.  Once printed AG/LP will provide the requisite number to the individual members.


  1. 6.      Treasurers Report.
    1. a.       After paying costs to date, the bank balance stands at £390.00
    2. b.      CRH advised that the window in the calendar was now open to submit a grant application.  CRH to prepare and submit on behalf of the NPG.

Action  CRH

 7.      Sector Review

    1. a.      The meeting discussed in detail the next step in developing the public questionnaire based upon research undertaken by the sector leaders and the individuals helping to collate the data.

In clarification of the Control Plan, the next step is, after research and/or holding meetings with individuals or commercial entities within the village, to end up with a list of important issues that need to be considered by the group.

After this process, for each sector there will be an agreed list of issues that will generate the questions for the public questionnaire.   

  1. b.      As an example from the Amenities Sector, the meeting discussed the point that individuals in the village might wish there was a Medical Centre/Clinic.  If this is the case, this needs to be recorded as an issue and then the research will identify if the population of the Parish is big enough or too small. If the latter is the case no question will be generated.  Nevertheless this will show on the paper trail that the matter has been given proper consideration and in the event a query is raised by a resident after the plan has been submitted for final scrutiny there will be a clear paper trail.

Another example has been identified by the Private Housing sector group who had posed issues, such as ‘Should we build dwellings which will help to level the age profile of The Parish’. This will generate several questions which will be included in the main questionnaire.

  1. c.       All sector leaders to continue to undertake the research with the aim of completing the list of issues affecting their sectors within the next 2 months. It would be beneficial if a substantial number of the issues affecting the sectors could be listed by the next meeting, allowing all parties to review and challenge the list by the end of May.


  1. d.      After a discussion, it was agreed to hold a public open meeting in the Village Hall on 26th June 2014 at 7.00pm.

 POST NOTE. Nick Willson has booked the hall.

The Public Open Meeting will be for the purpose of showing the residents what has been done to date on their behalf, but more importantly showing the issues that have been identified as important, which will be addressed by the questionnaire. This will give everyone a chance to identify any issues that may have not been covered.   


  1. e.      The meeting confirmed that maps of the parish will also be needed. These need to be marked up to show areas of potential development. This could be small or large areas, but must be in line with the National Policy Planning Guidance.

AG or CRH will obtain the maps.

                                                                                    ACTION           AG/CRH

  1. 8.      AOB
    1. a.      No other item was discussed.


  1. 9.      Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 7.30pm at the Village Hall