The Village Vine Article April 2014

Wilmcote Neighbourhood Planning Group (WNPG)

As you will all know, following an introductory open meeting convened by the Parish Council on Monday 21st October 2013, the WNPG was established and the first meeting was held on 12th November 2013.

As Chairman, I would like to thank the 26 individuals who have volunteered to support the group and particularly those who have taken on specific roles.

What is the plan and why are we undertaking the process?

The government empowerment policies for local communities allow parishes such as yours to shape how we wish to develop in the future, to ensure, where possible, the character and local community flourishes, in line with government planning policies.

The plan is not just about increasing housing in a structured way, in the areas we wish to see new homes, but also the amenities, businesses, and leisure facilities.  In other words, everything that is important to a thriving village, whether it be shops, transport, schools, church, open spaces etc.

Way forward

The PC submitted an application to SDC for the Parish to be granted designated area status at the turn of the year.  I am now pleased to confirm we received the decision on 24th February 2014 approving Wilmcote Neighbourhood Area under section 61G(1) of the Town and Planning Act 1990.

The group will be meeting monthly in the village hall and there will be open meetings and/or presentations at the village hall for all residents.  The process is likely to take approximately 18 months.  One of the key activities will be a formal questionnaire that will have to be completed by every resident in the community.  Note, the group are only facilitators. The final plan results will be based on your wishes. To that end, the questionnaires completed by residents will be assessed by an independent consultant.

Contact Details

Copies of  the Constitution, Control Plan, Minutes,  Plans, etc. are on the new Parish web site, or there will be a hard copy for view in the Village Shop, thanks to Anna and David.

Please email us on any questions on  or write to Alan Griffith at The Wharf, Wharf Lane, Wilmcote, CV37 9UR.    Alan Griffith  Chairman